It's like wearing a bathing suit when swimming, gym clothes when running, and proper pajamas when sleeping. The sleeping environment has a very direct impact on sleep conditions. Today I will teach you some tips for choosing pajamas.

  1. Material selection

The choice of pajamas is recommended to be made of silk, cotton or organic cotton, and softer materials such as double-sided knitted fabric or double-layered yarn. Cold Posh silk pajama set will not stick to the skin, which will be more comfortable to wear. Chemical fibers and wool fabrics are prone to static electricity, and they do not absorb sweat, which is not conducive to body temperature regulation during sleep.

  1. Don't feel restrained

When we go home, we often take off the watch or loosen the belt first, and the less restraint the easier it is to relax when sleeping. Some pajamas have an elastic band at the waist, which can easily draw red marks on the waist, affect the blood circulation of the body, make the legs swollen and even numb. If your pajamas are like this, remember to change it out.

  1. Home clothes cannot be used as pajamas

We often see some clothes labeled as "pajamas" that look thick and furry, and they look comfortable and warm. In fact, this kind of clothes is more suitable for home clothes, not pajamas, because it not only does not absorb sweat, but also cannot regulate body temperature. It will also increase the friction with the bed and quilt, so that you always turn over with the quilt when you turn over, which will hinder muscle relaxation and adjust the sleeping position, making people sleep more and more tired.

  1. The color of pajamas

Elegant and light colors are not only suitable for family wear, but also have the effect of calming the eyes and mind. Dark pajamas will not only affect the relaxation of the mood, but also add some chemical substances during dyeing, which may be harmful to the body.

  1. The size of pajamas

The back panel and front panel of pajamas should have sufficient width, never too small or just right. Because the chest, abdomen and back are tightly bound, it is not only not conducive to blood circulation, but also makes people feel tense and affects sleep.

  1. Avoid hooded pajamas

The one-piece pajamas will affect the movement of turning over, and the clothes may be moved up and piled up on the chest, which will affect breathing and may make you catch a cold. Wearing hooded pajamas will make the hat press down on the body when sleeping, affecting the comfort of the neck, causing neck pain, stiff neck, etc., and affecting sleep quality. In addition, the compression of the neck will lead to poor blood circulation and insufficient blood supply to the brain.

When choosing pajamas, it is not that the more expensive the better, nor the more fancy the function, the better, but that it can make you relax and comfortable enough under the premise of safety, then it is the pajamas that suit you.

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December 05, 2022 — JUAN WANG