Cold Posh is devoted to providing better silk pajamas, embracing life with elegance, noble, and fashion, and making your life better than before.

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Silk loungewear for her

Fresh styles. Fresh colors.
Wearing like a spa for body.

Silk Pajamas for him

It's high time of year to add some new-look silk pajamas into his closet!

Dream silk bedding

18 AMINO ACID silk pillowcase provides a good sleep for everyone who loves life

Why Choose Silk?

Anti-aging: Silk contains natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids. Studies have shown that amino acids can resist the effects of aging, especially in facial skin, and can help calm the nervous system. Naturally retains moisture, for a more youthful and glowing complexion: While other materials absorb moisture from your skin when sleeping at night, the dense weaving of silk fibers helps keep moisture close to your skin.